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Mars Is Now The Closest It Will Be To Earth For Another 15 Years

If you are blessed with clear skies this week, you can catch Mars at its best and brightest. The Red Planet and Earth are...

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Patient Dies After Cyber Attack Disables Hospital Computers

A woman has died following a serious cyber attack on Düsseldorf University Hospital that disabled computer systems, marking what could be the first death...

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New Study Finds You Can Bond With Your Cat By Blinking Slowly

A new study published in the journal Scientific Reports has confirmed the long-held belief of feline-crazy pet owners worldwide that you can bond with your cat...

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Google Is Testing Out YouTube As A Shopping Destination

At some point in your YouTube watching career, you’ve probably dug into the description of a video to tap on an Amazon referral link....

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Uber Finally Launches In Tokyo After 6 Years In Japan

After six years of operation in Japan, Uber Technologies Inc. is finally offering its ride sharing services in Tokyo. The San Francisco-based company partnered with...

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