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10 Answered Fan Questions About Pixar’s New ‘Lightyear’ Movie8 minute read

During Disney’s Investor Day, the company announced that a spin-off from the Toy Story franchise is currently being made. Lightyear is set to be released in 2022, and unlike the previous versions of the character, Tim Allen will not be providing the voice this time. Instead, Chris Evans will be taking on the role.

The movie is set to be based around the human version of Buzz Lightyear, which the toy was then based on, which is why this Pixar movie will be completely different from the Toy Story franchise everyone knows and loves. But with so many changes and differences from what people are used to with Buzz, there are a lot of questions heading into this movie.

10. Why Does He Look So Different?

Obviously, this new version of Buzz isn’t going to look exactly the same as the one everyone already knows, because this Buzz is supposed to be a human, and the other is a toy figure. However, when toys are made of other people, they typically wear the same outfit that the human does.

When figures are made of wrestlers or movie characters in real life, the toys have the same design. But the image of Lightyear doesn’t show him in the classic green and white outfit that people know and love, so the question is why not, and will he end up wearing it at some point?

9. Will Zurg Still Have A Role?

Because the Buzz Lightyear toy is now based on an actual person, rather than just being a cool toy, it leads to further questions about other Toy Story characters. While the backstory of Woody is well-known, when it comes to Zurg, there is going to be an obvious question that needs answering.

In the world that audiences are aware of at this point, Zurg has a clear link with Buzz, claiming to be his father. But was that just something made up to sell the toys further, or will he end up being a part of the real-life Buzz Lightyear story?

8. Will He Say The Catchphrases?

One of the most well-known aspects of Buzz Lightyear is the catchphrases that he comes out with throughout the movies. These are something that people have loved from the character, and it would certainly be a popular decision to bring them into this spinoff movie.

It makes sense for the human version of Buzz to say all the classic lines because that would explain why the toy has them programmed into him when people push his buttons. There has to be clear links between the two, and that’s something that audiences want to see.

7. How Dark Will The Movie Be?

Everyone knows the theme and style of the Toy Story franchise. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and is very lighthearted and comedic for the most part. While it does touch upon serious moments and can be very emotional, the image that came with the promotion for Lightyear seemed to be a little darker than the brightness that Toy Story provides.

Having it be slightly darker in tone could be a great way to separate the two, making them feel different in tone. It’s obviously going to have to be a little more serious, as this is being set in the world of humans, rather than toys, but it remains to be seen how far Pixar will go with this.

6. Will He See The Toy Get Made?

One big question is whether or not the human version of Buzz Lightyear will actually see the toy getting made. It could be a great way to link the two character together, and seeing how the human Buzz responds to a line of toys being created would be interesting.

It will also be interesting to simply see what happens to Buzz after the toys are made, whether he continues with his job or if he will simply go into promoting the line of toys. There’s a lot of possibilities for Pixar to choose from here, all of which are very interesting.

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