Woman Who Was Sitting In Hong Kong McDonalds For 24 Hours Was Actually Dead

A woman has been found dead having spent 24 hours sitting at a table in a McDonald’s restaurant in Hong Kong.

CCTV footage showed an elderly woman entering the restaurant at 8:39am on Friday morning and sitting at a table near the bathroom, having ordered a cup of water. However, at 1:20am on the Saturday, she suddenly slumped over the table. It took until the next morning, at approximately 8:40am – 24 hours after she initially entered the restaurant – for anybody to notice that she was, in fact, not alive.

Pictured: The Ping Shek McDonald's Restaurant in Hong Kong, where the incident took place.
Pictured: The Ping Shek McDonald’s Restaurant in Hong Kong, where the incident took place.

Authorities were told that the woman was moving initially, but that she stopped moving some time after entering the restaurant. When questioned as to why the woman was not noticed sooner, a spokesperson from the restaurant said: “In order to provide a pleasant dining environment, we would not disturb our customers, but our service will be offered promptly upon request”.

The restaurant was not closed, as a result of the incident; with the area simply being cordoned off with black plastic.

People are used to seeing others seeking refuge in restaurants and shops for the night in order to keep themselves off the street. Rents in Hong Kong are exceptionally high given the amount that the average person earns, meaning that many people find it difficult, financially, to rent a home.

The woman’s body was removed from the restaurant at approximately 11:30am

It is believed the woman was homeless, and regularly spent her nights in McDonald’s to stay warm. The woman was believed to be approximately 50 or 60 years of age, and was discovered to be dead just under 24 hours after she first walked into the restaurant, at 8:30am, the next day.

According to police, there was nothing suspicious about her death upon initial investigation. The restaurant was not closed as a result of the incident. The area within which the lady died was simply cordoned off with black plastic for the morning, whilst the investigation took place. The woman’s body was removed from the restaurant and taken to a mortuary at 11:30am, with all tables being reopened shortly after.

The restaurant was cleaned and disinfected immediately after the incident, said a worker from the chain.

via South China Morning Post

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