These 16 Abandoned Theme Parks Are What Nightmares Are Made Of

9. Spreepark, Berlin (Germany)


Like many, this park opened up in the late 1960’s. It went well until the company that owned it tried adding new, expensive equipment in the 90’s, driving up the price of admission. Soon, only 400,000 customers were coming per year and the park was shut down in 2001 thanks to debt. The company was smart enough to smuggle their huge rides in parts in 20 containers all the way to Peru to start again. It didn’t go as well as they thought, so they decided to try their hand at something else- drug smuggling. They were caught trying to smuggle in 400 pounds of cocaine back into Germany and that’s when their financial status really started to struggle. Making money in prison isn’t exactly easy.


10. Encore’s Garden – Taiwan


This bustling park lost its cheer after the 921 earthquake that shook the country and took the lives of 2,000 people. Now, it’s just a rotting place of machinery and lost stories.


11. Bedrock City – Arizona


1972 was the year that this odd park was opened. They had a train that actually went through a man made volcano as well as a slide made out of a fake dinosaur. The weird attractions enticed many customers, but overtime, people started losing interest. Though the park is shut down, it is a very popular roadside attraction and it still plays 60’s cartoon music through the loudspeakers. Creepy, right?


12. Dadipark – Belgium


A local priest thought this big kids’ park would be a great place for the children of the town to play and he was right. It started growing in popularity and quickly started becoming profitable. That was until a child lost his arm due to one of the ride’s issues in 2002 and they had to shut down.

13. Santa’s Land – Arizona


This cheery place was once a land of Santa-filled buildings where people could come any time of the year to meet the man with the white beard. Children and adults alike loved it and it was very popular, especially for something that was opened in 1937. Now though, all that’s left of Santa Land is some boarded up buildings. The train ride is no longer there, nor is Santa’s big smiling face thanks to someone who decided they wanted it for themselves.

14. Gulliver’s Kingdom – Japan


Next to Mount Fuji stands what used to be a very popular theme park. It lasted for a good decade, but in 2007, financial hardship hit and they were forced to shut down. Now all that is left is rubbish and this massive Gulliver statue.


15. Camelot Theme Park – Lancashire (UK)


For 30 years, this park was a success, but thanks to low visitor numbers and the 2012 Olympics, they were forced to shut down. Now what remains are broken down rides and old, broken knight manikins.


16. Okpo Land, Okpo City (South Korea)


This small theme park was very profitable, despite being so little. However, it earned the title of Amusement Park of Death and had to close after two children died on scene. In the 90’s, a little girl was riding the attraction shown here when it derailed, threw her off, and ultimately killed her. The parents didn’t receive any money for the incident or even an apology. Nine years later, the same thing happened to another little girl. The owners must have been scared and ran because the next day, the park was closed and everything was left the way it was with no one responsible to be found.

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