This Super-Creepy Abandoned Mausoleum Is Sure To Give You Nightmares

Like something straight out of a horror movie, a neglected mausoleum opened by a former gravedigger who was fascinated with the afterlife has opened its doors, and what’s inside is pretty terrifying.

Memorial Mound in Kentucky was created by Clyde Booth and opened in 1992, but in 2000 the company went out of business; it was shut down, but everything inside was left as it was – yes, even the corpses.

It was only in 2014, when it was reopened, that the bodies were found rotting in bags and caskets.

Memorial Mound in Kentucky was opened by Clyde Booth in 1992, and went out of business in 2000. However, all the corpses were left untouched and it was only in 2014 that they were rediscovered. (Credit: Exclusivepix Media)

Now, the site is listed for sale. Not a clue who would be interested in buying this absolutely, definitely haunted building, but it might appeal to buyers to know that the corpses are not included.

The place certainly needs a spruce-up. As well as the corpses lying about, floors, walls and curtains are dirty and ripped, and kerosene – which was used to prepare the bodies – has been thrown across the floor. Now for those of you who watch way too many scary films, you may think that as the building has been shut for several years, that this is some sort of act from the undead, but no – the building has in fact been broken into several times by people unable to control their curiosity over what hides behind the doors of Memorial Mound.

The mausoleum is listed for sale, but looks like it will need a good clean before it is back in business. (Credit: Exclusivepix Media)

Booth had a positive reason for opening the site – he was sick of seeing unkempt graves disintegrate to ruins. He was influenced by Indian burial traditions, but chose to include modern technology –  such as video information on those that were buried. The entire place was dug 8ft below ground level and even included a chapel. To bury a family member or loved one, it would cost between $1,800-$2,200. Guess the demand just wasn’t high enough.

The sign to Memorial Mound, which was dug 8ft below the ground. (Credit: Exclusivepix Media)

Booth’s reason for the failure of the business was that local competition was trying to drive him out. He passed away in 2009, and the burial ground was only re-opened – with bodies released back to the families – after local authorities stepped in due to the several break-ins and acts of vandalism.

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