Strange Footage Shows ‘Ghostly Orb’ floating Around Former Russian Gulag Where Thousands Died

We’ve seen some pretty spooky things recently, from a creepy ship which appeared on a horizon in the US, to a ‘phantom’ who seemed to be caught on camera when it photobombed a group of people at a Victorian orphanage.

Now, what appears to be some sort of ghostly orb has been spotted on CCTV floating around a Russian gulag camp – a labour camp operated in the Stalin area, where thousands of people were executed – and nobody knows what it could be.

A strange orb has been caught on CCTV, floating around a former Soviet labour camp where thousands of people perished. Here, it can be seen close to the centre of the screen. (Credit: Vorkuta City Hall /

the orb, which was picked up by motion sensors on cameras inside Vorkuta City Hall, western Russia, shows a white, circular or ring-shaped apparition appear from the right side of the screen, with a smaller one following it close behind – apparently emerging through an office door. Nothing is seen for several seconds, and then again, it appears to move from left to right.

When checking the CCTV footage which had recorded the former camp throughout the night and in the early hours of the morning, staff were stunned by what they saw and said that they had ”never seen anything like it”.

The orb floats from one side of the screen to the other, and is apparently followed soon after by a smaller orb-shaped figure. (Credit: Vorkuta City Hall /

However, the public are sceptical about the apparent ‘ghost,’ with some claiming it is simply a lens flare. One person suggested it was simply someone messing around with a torch, whilst another said that “If you pause it and look closely you will see it’s a fly with a tiny mobile phone taking a selfie!” Without a doubt, the most likely explanation.

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