Plane Passenger Photographs Mysterious Object Poking Out From The Clouds

An airplane passenger has been left baffled after looking out of the window during a flight and spotting what appeared to be a pole poking out of the clouds.

The passenger shared a photograph of what he saw to Reddit, along with a screenshot of a map showing where he was flying over, in hopes that the internet could help him out.

Photos show that the passenger was on a journey from Malaga to Bristol on December 5th, and was travelling at an altitude of 4,650ft just off the British coastline. The photograph was taken at around 11.08am.

A passenger on a flight from Malaga to Bristol has spotted what appears to be a floating pole poking out of the clouds. (Credit: Imgur/reddit/inkewbus)

To make matters even weirder, it appears that the passenger was flying over the sea at the time that the pole was spotted, where there really shouldn’t be anything that large.

The passenger shared an image of where he spotted the pole and strangely, was flying over the sea at the time, where there shouldn’t be anything so large. (Credit: Imgur/reddit/inkewbus)

One Reddit user suggested that it could be a contrail from something launched vertically, or a flair from a ship – although they would have expected the path to be more chaotic.

They also added “For all I know it could be a chip in the glass or a beacon from an oil rig to give planes some sense of where they are if the instruments fail.”

The passenger was adamant that the object was solid – a physical object, and others replied to say that if he had been sat on the right-hand side of the plane, then it is highly likely that what he was witnessing was in fact the Mendip transmitting station mast.

Some have suggested that the mysterious pole is in fact the Mendip transmitting station mast. (Credit: Jsommer)

Although the mast is several thousand feet below where the plane would have been flying, it is possible that the man was looking down.

This appears to be the most logical conclusion, but who knows, it could always be aliens having a probe…

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