Mysterious Sphere Spotted In NASA’s Images Of The Sun

People have been losing their minds over a strange spherical object that appears in a series of images taken by satellites keeping a close eye over the sun.

The frames, which can be found on NASA’s Stereo Science Centre website, have triggered a number of theories – including, of course, that the mysterious object is in fact an alien spacecraft.

NASA’s satellites seem to have captured images of a strange spherical object in photos of the sun. People are theorising that it could be evidence of aliens. (Credit: NASA)

A short video describing possible theories was posted to YouTube by user UFOMania, and has garnered over 200,000 views. However, not everyone is convinced that the images are quite as mysterious as they seem. One YouTube user, Mike Sovereign, said that “Nasa would never be so careless to allow something like this to reach the public,” and he feels that something may have been projecting the image into space – holographic, or perhaps from Project Blue Beam. Remember the ghost ship which was also potentially a Blue Beam projection?

Other people are even more sceptical, and feel that the ‘sphere’ is nothing more than a lens flare from a telescope.

Pamela Johnson, who was the first to spot the unexplainable image in the pictures, posted the photos to Facebook, along with her theory which is that the images actually show a race of aliens called Blue Sphere Beings. In her post, she writes “I have just consulted my Divining Rods and they indicate this is one of the Blue Spheres and not to fear.”

It may be an exciting theories, but the reality of it is likely to be a lot more straightforward and much less mystical.

NASA has explained that there have been rare occasions when their processor has become overloaded, and this can produce corrupted images.

Oh well, guess we’ll just have to sit back and continue to patiently wait for that alien contact…

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