Live Out Your Fairytale Fantasies With This Sparkling Disney Shoe Collection

Some adults refuse to grow up, and thanks to this magnificently kitsch shoe collection based on the Disney princess Cinderella, you’ll never have to.

The shoes, designed by ‘Irregular Choice’, are available as flats, heels or wedges and each is as sparkly, vibrant and magical as you could ever dream.

The man behind ‘Irregular Choice’ is Dan Sullivan, who after being uninspired by the bland footwear available on the market in the 90s, decided to create his own collection of quirky, colourful shoes; and when we say colourful, we mean you’ll probably require sunglasses to look at these.

Take a look at the Cinderella shoe collection below – we challenge you not to gasp at them in awe…

The rose gold ‘Home Before 12’ wedge features a tiny Cinderella figurine encased in a transparent wedged heel.


The ‘Gracious Dreamer’ comes in a variety of glittering colours and is sure to turn heads at the ball. The heel also features a small, subtle bow.


The ‘So This Is Love’ elegant shoes would make an ideal Valentine’s Day present (hint, hint).


If you’re a fan of Lucifer and Gus, then these ballet pumps are for you.


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