Girl Runs Across Australian Beach With No Shoes On And Suffers Serious Foot Burns

All of us are well aware that it is seriously hot in Australia (not to mention that every animal in the country has been designed specifically to kill you). In this case, however, it was simply the sun that absolutely destroyed this poor girl’s feet as she ran down to the ocean on a Perth beach with no shoes on.

Joanna Hall, 25, is a student at the University of Western Australia. This week, she embarked on a minute-long, sole-destroying sprint across sand that had been baking in the 45°C (113°F) heat all day. Both soles of her feet turned into epic blisters, which then popped and left them coated in saggy skin:


‘Not so bad’, you might say? Hold on a minute. Shortly after, Joanna had the burnt skin removed from her feet, and THIS is what they looked like:



Joanna said: ‘The sand was very hot and I ran from the top of the beach down to the water. I put them straight into the water and nearly passed out from the pain’.

‘I kept them soaking for a good half an hour [in cold water] and my brother, step-dad and his friend arrived and had to carry me up the beach back to the car.’

Joanna is now confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her Summer months, whilst the soles of her feet heal.

Damn, Joanna. That looks painful.

In Other News: This camel is now the unofficial carer of his mate, a blind horse.

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