Drunk Man Wakes Up To Find He Has Glasses Tattooed On His Face

A middle aged British man woke up to the surprise of a lifetime after a killer bachelor party. He wasn’t sure why everyone had been staring at him until he saw himself in the mirror and was shocked at what was looking back at him. A pair of glasses had been drawn on his face, with the side saying “Ray Ban”. The only problem was that the glasses weren’t drawn on by Crayola or Sharpie. Oh no. It was drawn on with tattoo ink and a gun. There was no rubbing that mess off.

The man claims he has no recollection of ever going to get a tattoo and assumes it was because he was drunk. What kind of crappy friends was he hanging out with?


He got used to the tattoo, he said and decided to leave it. Though others stared at him a lot, he didn’t mind too much, until years went by and someone pointed out how bad it was. It finally hit him that his family was probably embarrassed to go out with him and for their sake, he decided to go get it removed.

The procedure took six treatments but took most of it away. All that is left is a few teal marks, but that’s nothing compared to the whole set he once had. The shop owner who had done the erasing was impressed that someone did such a botched job and claimed it was one of the worst tattoos she’s ever seen. That’s a lot coming from a woman who removes bad tattoos for a living.

It’s reported that 1 in 6 people now dislike their tattoos and about half of all people regret getting at least one of them.

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