Disney’s New AVATAR Theme Park Looks Unbelievable

James Cameron, director of the fantasy film Avatar has previously expressed his desires to experience the world of Pandora first-hand, and now those dreams are one step closer to reality.

Disney released a video today detailing plans for a real-world Pandora theme park, located within Disney World, due for completion in 2017.

Avatar was released in 2001, but Cameron initially came up with the idea for the movie in 1995 – over 20 years ago.

Joe Rhode, Disney’s senior vice president of creative said ‘This was a crazy thing to try to do’, and rightfully so.

Almost every single thing within in the world is a ‘custom-designed complex programmed piece of show equipment’. Even the floating mountains have been specially built, resulting in a truly immersive Pandora experience.

The news will likely be welcomed by those hardcore fans who reportedly felt suicidal after having seen the film, as result of Pandora not being real.

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