A Creepy Ghost Ship Has Appeared – And It’s Baffling Everyone

A man has captured footage of an eerie looking ghost ship sailing across the waters of lake Superior, in the US.

Jason Asselin spotted the hazy looking ship and whipped his camera out to film the faint image in the distance. Alongside the footage which he uploaded to Youtube, he wrote:

‘Saturday evening far off coast from Marquette, Michigan appeared this mysterious ship that had to be gigantic! Almost as if a ghost ship was showing itself to the world.. Even if it was a ship, what could be that tall in these choppy waves?’

Indeed, what could it be?

Jason Asselin captured footage of what appears to be a ghost ship off coast from Marquette, Michigan. (Credit: Jason Asselin)

In an interview with CBS Detroit, Jason commented on how people may think it’s a mirage, but that for it to be one, conditions would have to be perfect. Still, many viewers of the video, which has been watched over 408,000 times, are convinced that it is a mirage, with one commenting:

“That is the coolest mirage I have seen in a long time.”

Someone else who watched the video asked Jason this chilling question:

“Jason, you heard of the Bannockburn? It’s a ship that sank in the 1800s and has been spotted several times since.”


A close-up of the supposed ghost ship. (Credit: Jason Asselin)

Conspiracy theorists out there might assume that the ship could be part of an experiment by the government known as Project Blue Beam – a method of experimenting with holograms and laser projections in an attempt to convince and brainwash the public into believing in certain things that aren’t real – as a way of implementing a New Age religion.

Many claim to have witnessed images projected by Project Blue Beam – including the Virgin Mary appearing in the sky in Africa, as a way of controlling people through their faith. Something like this might make sense, but we’re not sure how a hologram of a ghost ship is going to help them in developing a New World Order…

A blurred image of the Virgin Mary seemingly appears in video captured in Africa – many believe that this is a hologram by Project Blue Beam. (Credit: YouTube)

We may never find out what the creepy footage Jason took really is of, but as hardcore fans of horror films, we’re going to go with ghost ship. Definitely a ghost ship.

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