Child Appears To Be Possessed As Face And Belly Swell During Game Of Charlie Charlie

A young 12-year-old girl claims to have been possessed by a demon after her face and belly swelled during a game of Charlie Charlie.

The game, popular amongst teenagers, is a modern version of a Spanish paper-and-pencil game known as Juego de la Lapicera (game of the pens). The game involves writing ‘yes’ and ‘no’ on the four corners of a sheet of paper and lightly balancing a pencil across another in the centre. The participants then ask questions and watch to see if the pencil swings in any direction.

The girl, from Argentina, was playing over at a friend’s house when the odd reaction took place.

The Charlie Charlie challenge involves a basic set-up and is a modern incarnation of a Spanish game called Juego De La Lapicera. (Credit: Yunshui)

The family of the girl are so concerned by what has happened to her that they have even called local priests to perform an exorcism, but as they are on holiday, are unavailable until the new year. Guys, there’s a girl being possessed over here, you can bathe by the beach later on!

Her mother asked for help via the local media:

“What is happening with Milagros, my daughter, it’s like having a person inside that will not let her be quiet… We are asking for help from someone who engages in those things. Today I believe in all this because what you’re experiencing is something that is true, so what we need is someone who is dedicated to doing everything that has to do with exorcism… We must be all the time with her because she does things that are not hers.”

It is claimed that at times, the girl’s voice changes into a much deeper, masculine tone and that she declares “I want to kill my sister.” The mother is convinced that the game is to blame.

Genuine possession or not, we’re sufficiently creeped out…

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