Is This A Photo Of Tom Hanks Or Bill Murray? The Internet Is Divided

It seems that the internet is yet to have its fill of viral optical illusions. First we had ‘The Dress’, then this bag, and now there’s an image doing the rounds of what appears to be either Bill Murray or Tom Hanks… but it’s impossible to tell!

The photo, which is clearly of one of the two actors, features a crying baby whilst Bill/Tom wears an orange cap and jacket and mimics the baby’s cries.

bill murray.jpg Is this Bill Murray or Tom Hanks? (with permission, please credit Facebook/Reasons My Son Is Crying and link to
A photo has gone viral and nobody can figure out if it’s of Tom Hanks or Bill murray. (Credit: Facebook/Reasons My Son Is Crying)

Hmmm, that is definitely something we can imagine Bill Murray doing – he does have a tendency to turn up in unexpected places, and has a habit of photobombing strangers…

Bill Murray has been known to play pranks on strangers, often telling people “no one is going to believe you” before walking away. (Credit: Classy Bro)

But then again, Tom Hanks has also played similar games with people in the past. Remember the time he posed for a bunch of photos with a fan who pretended to be wasted?

Tom Hanks played along with a fan for a series of photos in which they both pretended to be drunk. (Credit: imgur)

Luckily for you, we actually do have the answer. Drum roll please…

It’s Bill.

We’ll be honest, it wasn’t our first thought. The photo is in fact already three years old and was originally posted to the hilarious Facebook page Reasons My Son is Crying, where parents upload anecdotes of seemingly trivial reasons that triggered their children to cry. It’s Bill Murray, how could you possibly be crying?!

Laura DiMichele-Ross, who posted the photo to the page, made clear who was appearing in the photo, in an interview with the BBC:

‘It’s definitely Bill. Bill’s a good person to follow as he jokes around and takes photos with fans.’

So that’s that cleared up.

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