Child Beggar’s Emotional Reaction To Sick Woman Goes Viral – And He Is Adopted

Images of a boy’s emotional reaction to an ill woman who he begged from for money has captured hearts across the world – so much so that the boy has now been adopted, with everything he needs paid for, including his education.

Images of a young beggar-boy crying over a sick woman have touched the hearts of the public. The boy has since been adopted. (Credit: CEN)

John Thuo, a boy who had been working as a street beggar, approached Gladys Kamande in a car and saw that she was using an oxygen tank to breathe. The woman was stuck in her car on her way to a hospital appointment in Nairobi, Kenya, and when John asked about her medical equipment, she told him that she could not breathe without the assistance of a tank. On top of that, she was also blind. The 32-year-old woman had gone through a total of 12 surgeries, with one of the operations rupturing her optical nerve which caused her loss of sight.

Gladys apparently held the boys hand and offered to pray with him. Unable to hold back his emotions, the boy broke down in tears at seeing how severe her condition was and offered her everything he had in his pocket.

Photographs of the boy’s sincere reaction went viral and his tears touched a woman named Nissy Wambugu who has since adopted him and will pay for him to attend both primary and secondary school.

The Kenyan public were also hugely moved by Gladys’ story, who on top of her health issues, is also thought to have suffered a number of miscarriages and was repeatedly beaten by her husband. Many people offered to assist the woman her with medical expenses, as her family had been struggling to pay the £54,500 worth of hospital bills.

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