This Video Of Billy The Puppet From ‘Saw’ As An Office Employee Is Hilarious

Anyone who is familiar with the never-ending Saw franchise will know all about Billy the Puppet (often mistakingly referred to as Jigsaw). Billy is a sinister looking doll on a bicycle, who is used by John Kramer (the actual Jigsaw) to communicate with his subjects. He will often appear on a fuzzy screen or occasionally in person, and will claim that he wants to play a game, before giving subjects the details of traps they are about to be put in and the means by which they could survive – usually meaning that they will have to go through intense torture to be freed.

One thing Billy certainly isn’t is a warm, sociable character, which is why a video recently released by filmmaker Chris Capel showing him as an employee of a standard, unremarkable office is the perfect combination for many laughs.

Billy the Puppet often appears on screen or in person, riding his trademark bicycle. He is used by John Kramer to give subjects the necessary instructions to survive the terrifying ordeal they are about to be put through. (Credit: Lionsgate films)

The video starts by showing a plain looking office space, before focusing in on an employee who is staring suspiciously at Billy as he menacingly sharpens some pencils. It’s one of those electric sharpeners too – the really scary ones that were banned from most primary schools.

One thing we particularly love about Billy in this video is that he’s tiny. Really tiny. And more than frightening, he’s just super irritating. But he’s trying his best to keep up his scary persona.


At one point, Billy pops his head up behind a woman’s work cubicle and interferes with a call she is making to a client. He tells her that he wants to play a game, before summoning a bunch of embarrassing pop-up spam adverts on her computer screen and giving her a set amount of time she has to get rid of them, before the IT guy she has a crush on turns up. Slightly milder that the usual Saw games, but terrifying all the same.

Later on in the video, an employee celebrates his birthday with the rest of his colleagues when Billy interrupts his speech, claiming that frosting on the cake is infected with 29 tablespoons of koala urine. The guy is relentless.

Watch the full hilarious video below:

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