This Stranger Things/Round The Twist Mash-Up Is Everything

For those of you who have seen Stranger Things, you’ll know how many… well, strange things occur in the show. Without giving too much away to the few of you who may not have seen it, the Netflix-original series involves the mysterious disappearance of a young boy, a telekinetic girl, and a mum who communicates with her lost son through Christmas fairy lights, amongst some other stuff. There’s also a girl called Barbs who seemingly gets abducted by aliens but meh, we don’t need to talk about her.

The Netflix-original series Stranger Things features a whole bunch of strange happening, including a young boy who vanishes, a girl with telekinetic powers, and a mum who communicates with her lost son through Christmas fairy lights. (Credit: Netflix)

Re-wind to the 1990s and you may remember a show that was broadcast on Australian TV network ABC called Round the Twist – if you haven’t seen it, we recommend some hardcore YouTube viewing before you read on. This show was, arguably, even stranger than Stranger Things. There were some absolutely bizarre episodes featured in this kid’s programme which, despite lasting 11 years, only ran for four series. Viewers could catch episodes such as “Know All” – where craziness ensues when an old trunk of circus clothes come to life. Another, “Next Time Around,” featured a character who gets hypnotised to act like a chicken when someone says “now” – yes, that was the main plot line.

Round The Twist was a popular Australian 90s kids show and featured some very strange episodes, including “Know All” (pictured) – where an old trunk of circus clothes come to life. (credit: ABC)

One thing about Round the Twist that was absolute perfection, however, was the dangerously-catchy theme tune, and some geniuses at Netflix Australia have mocked-up something that none of us realised we very much needed in our lives – the theme tune of Round the Twist placed over the opening credits of Stranger Things. It’s simple, but my word, is it great.

Are we right, or are we right? People on social media seem to agree, with the video already receiving hundreds of retweets and likes, as well as a string of positive comments.



Stranger Things has a strong 80s/90s vibe which works perfectly in-sync with the atmosphere of Round The Twist. 90s-style television is having somewhat of a re-emergence at the moment, including the recent re-make of The Crystal Maze, and the return of Twin Peaks. It seems it’s probably the perfect time for a Round The Twist comeback, right?

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