Strange Footage Appears To Show ‘yeti’ Running Across Mountain Road

Russian tourists driving across the Ural Mountains, seem to have captured something strange on camera.

The drivers, who were travelling in thick snow close to the 5,213 ft high Mount Bolshoy Iremel, witnessed something running past their car around twenty two miles from the nearest village. The footage was caught on their dash cam.

Take a close look and you can definitely see something run past the car, from right to left. It does appear to have a human-like form.


One of the passengers in the car at the time, Vadim Gilmanov, described what they saw:

“It was clearly visible that the creature runs on two legs. Maybe it is somebody’s joke, but who would do it in such a remote place at night?”

Good point. Even if it was a practical joke, just think of how long that person would have to be waiting out in the cold just for a split-second run past a car. If you ask us, no joke is worth that much effort.

Russian TV channel NTV shared the footage, and one report said “the yeti was covered in white hair”. We guess it could be hair, but it could just as easily be a jumpsuit. In fact, the more we look at it, the more it actually resembles the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. But smaller. And without his sailor’s costume.

Anyone else see the resemblance or is that just us…? (Credit: NTV/Columbia Pictures/Newscrusher)

Dr Anatoly Yakovlev, a zoology expert at Bashkir State University, dismisses the idea that the mysterious form could be a yeti.

“No single expert – zoologist or paleontologist – has ever found a single bone of a yeti, not even excrements, I am sorry.” He says. “Nothing was ever found or seen.”

He also added: “Usually, these sightings are some hallucinations, a product of the imagination.”

Well, we can definitely see something clearly run past the car, but it probably isn’t as strange as it seems. Some have speculated that the ‘yeti’ may simply be a wild animal poacher who panicked when they saw the car lights and made a run for it.

We still think our Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is the most believable theory yet.

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