These Spooky Stories Written By Kids Will Scare You S***less

Creepy tales of ghosts, monsters, and other mysterious entities have scared children and adults alike for centuries, but nothing will freak you out as much as these stories written by kids, that were read out on The Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon, Anna Kendrick and John Lithgow, as they sat huddled around a campfire – like something straight out of a horror film.

In the video, scary music plays from The Roots, and the three sit with flashlights under their faces. Jimmy kicks off the spook-fest by reading a story called ‘The Anonymous Man’, which includes a part where a character is so scared, his pants almost fall off. Shudder.

Jimmy Fallon, Anna Kendrick and John Lithgow joined each other on The Tonight Show for a segment called Kids Campfire – in which they read out scary stories written by children. (Credit: The Tonight Show)

Anna Kendrick is next to send a chill up our spine with a story called ‘The Hungry Ghost’, and you’ll probably need PTSD therapy after listening to this one. The main protagonist is a ghost who decides to go trick-or-treating, but fails to collect any candy as everyone is scared at him being a real ghost. He feels so sad and hungry that he decides to travel to a McDonald’s, and what happens next will chill you to the bone.

Anna Kendrick read out a spooky story called The Hungry Ghosts, in which, after being rejected for candy after going trick or treating, a ghost decides to visit a McDonald’s, because his mum said he could. (Credit: The Tonight Show)

Finally, John Lithgow reads out a tale that’s titled ‘Ghost Boy’, and after having just listened to the disturbing Hungry Ghost, you may want to take a quick breather to compose yourself.

‘Ghost Boy’ is about a boy who is lost in a forest and hears a very strange noise. We won’t try and convey the sound in text form – you’ll just have to hear it for yourself from Lithgow.

The boy runs, because a ghost is after him, and lets just say this… the ending is not a happy one.

John Lithgow makes us hide behind the sofa as he reads out Ghost Boy. (Credit: The Tonight Show)

The final story – ‘The Basket’ – is read out by the three of them, and is by far the most terrifying of all the tales. We won’t give anything away, but we will say this: you’ll never look at a basket the same way again.

Sleep tight.

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