The Simpsons Celebrated Their 600th Episode With An Awesome VR Version Of The Opening Credits

The ‘couch gag’ featured in the opening credits of The Simpsons has been a strong talking-point ever since the show first started way back in 1989 (remember 1989? The Little Mermaid was released and Game Boys were a big thing. Yep, that long ago). Each episode of The Simpsons features a twist in the final moments of the credits, where the Simpsons family rush to sit down together on their iconic brown couch.

We can’t think of a single couch gag that’s disappointed us, and now the makers of The Simpsons have outdone themselves for their 600th episode celebrations – by creating an immersive VR version.

The Simpsons ‘couch gag’ has been a running-joke since the show first started. Each episode features a novel end to the opening credits. This one was made for a Halloween special episode. (Credit:

Titled ‘Planet of the Couches’, the short experience is based on the classic sic-fi movie Planet of the Apes. But instead of the Apes taking over, it’s couches. We’ve all had that fear, right?

The video starts with The Simpsons anxiously running away from a bunch of cowboy-esque couches holding guns and riding horses … or should we say ‘couchboys’? Thank you very much.

Lisa and Bart then repeatedly ask Homer “is it VR yet? Is it VR yet?” before the real exciting stuff starts.

The Simpsons VR short experience kicks off with Lisa and Bart asking Homer whether the VR has started yet. Very meta. (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

We’re thrown into a seemingly parallel universe that’s run by couches, and we soon discover that The Simpsons family has been held hostage.

Rather than a static image, the Simpsons VR experience allows you to look around your environment and discover new things – so whilst Moe is pouring a drink on one side, Comic Book Guy is right behind you, sarcastically pointing out how original a Planet of the Apes parody is. Brilliant.

Planet of the Couches allows you to explore your environment – whilst Moe pours a drink, Comic Book Guy sits behind you. (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

If you don’t happen to have a VR headset, don’t fret. You can download the Simpsons VR experience and watch it normally on a mobile device – as long as you have enough space to spin in circles, ensuring you catch everything that appears in the video, you’re all set.

The only downside to this movie is that it’s much too short. We suggest a full VR episode of the Simpsons. Anyone got Matt Groening’s email address?

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