New Zealand Model Attempts The 100 McDonald’s Cheeseburger Challenge

Nela Zisser attempted the 100 McDonalds Cheeseburger challenge
Nela Zisser is a former Miss Earth New Zealand winner

Nela Zisser is a 23-year-old model from New Zealand who is not only a former Miss Earth New Zealand winner but also a competitive eater. A combination which destroys everything you thought you knew about the modelling industry!

Nela competing in the Miss Earth 2013 competition in the Philippines

Nela takes her competitive eating very seriously, and has her own YouTube channel to which she uploads videos every week. These include eating a 5ft long Subway sandwich, a 1kg burrito in under 2 minutes, and eating an 8000 calorie cheesecake in 16 mins 42 secs (a challenge which she described as ‘really, really, really difficult).

Nila Zisser Bikini
Nela weighs just 100 lbs and is 5ft 7 – 100 cheeseburgers sounds pretty ambitious to me!

But her latest video sees her take on the ‘100 McDonald’s Cheeseburger challenge’, a record that is currently held by a Japanese woman called Yuka Kinoshita, who managed to get through 62 of them before quitting.

Check out Yuka’s attempt below:

Given that the challenge is to eat 100, 62 is quite a way off, suggesting that this challenge is pretty tough. Here’s Nela’s attempt and given her competitive eating record I reckon she’ll give Yuka a decent run for her money and take the crown!

Surprised much?! She put in a good effort to be fair, I’m 100% sure I’d have a tough time doing it as well. Given that Nela is seasoned veteran when it comes to competitive eating it shows how tough this challenge must be.

Reckon you could take on Yuka’s 62 cheesburger record?

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