This 2016 Spanish Lottery Advert Has Won The Battle Of The Christmas Commercials

Every year, companies battle it out to produce the most tear-inducing Christmas advert of all time, and the Spanish Lottery Christmas advert may have very well won this round.

The advert which will no doubt have you sniffling uncontrollably, features an old lady who mistakingly believes she has won the lottery after watching old footage of a lottery number announcement on television.

This year’s Spanish lottery Christmas advert features a lady who mistakingly believes she has won the lottery after watching old footage of a lottery announcement on television. The advert is one hell of a tear-jerker. (Credit: Loterias/YouTube)

Excitedly, the lady rushes off to tell the entire village about her win. Everyone is aware of the lady’s mistake, and that this year’s lottery broadcast isn’t even until the day later, but not wanting to hurt her feelings, they all come together to celebrate. Meanwhile, her family debate whether or not to tell her the truth.

The lady spreads the news amongst the villagers, and although everyone is aware of her error, they do their best to maintain the illusion. (Credit: Loteria/YouTube)

The villagers do their best to keep up the illusion – inviting broadcasters and even doing their best to hide the real date from her. The advert culminates in a huge party at a lighthouse and we see her son approach her, as he looks as if he’s about to reveal the truth. The old lady quietly interrupts him and shares something with him – that she would be so much happier if he accepted the prize-money as a gift from her. Sure, the advert is in Spanish but we guarantee that by this point, you will definitely be full-on wailing.

The message, we’re guessing, is one about caring about those you love and the importance of sharing.

The advert ends with the lady handing over her prize-ticket to her son and telling him how much happier she would be if he took it as a gift. (Credit: Loteria/YouTube)

The advert has already had almost three million views, and whilst many have been responding positively to it, a few have said that it had no emotional effect on them whatsoever. Come on, guys. Really?!

Hmm, maybe we just need to get a grip. Anyone got another Kleenex?

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