Woman Names Her Washing Machine Danny Dyer ‘Because It Sounds Like The Hardman Actor’

48-Year-old Lesley Hazeldine has noticed something unique about her washing machine – it appears to repeat the words “come on then, come on then…” when switched on, and sounds remarkably like British actor Danny Dyer.

Lesley says: “I’ve had the machine for over four years, and it’s a great washer, but it’s always been quite noisy. I was sitting in my front room one day and my washing machine was on when I heard it saying, ‘Come on then, come on then.’ I got my daughter to listen to it to see if she could hear it or if I was going mad. But to my surprise, she agreed with me.

Leslie Hazeldine has noticed that her washing machine sounds remarkably like Danny Dyer. (Credit: Simon Jacobs/Cater News)

Lesley sent the clip to Absolute Radio to see what the public’s response would be and suddenly, she says, “loads of people were contacting me saying they could hear it too.”

Indeed if you listen closely, the distinct sound of Danny Dyer asking for a fight can be heard.

The clip was also posted to Facebook, where it rapidly went viral.

Lesley listens closely for the sounds of Dyer. (Credit: Simon Jacobs/Cater News)

As a dedicated viewer of Eastenders, where Dyer plays one of the main characters, Lesley says she finds the noise rather comforting.

The soap fan said: “I find it quite comforting. I love all the old gangster films he’s done and he’s obviously a very good looking bloke.”

Lesley has even memorised at what point into the wash ‘Dyer’ comes in, saying:

“It happens on just a normal cycle, half way through a standard wash… The voice pops up, at the same point of every cycle, after the water has gone in and washes around a bit.”

Lesley has memorised at what point into the wash, the ‘words’ come in and often listens out for it. (Credit: Simon Jacobs/Cater News)

Lesley isn’t the only one to enjoy the dulcet tones of ‘Danny Washer Dryer’ – as she calls the machine – as one of her cats seems to find the noise quite relaxing too.

“I have three cats and one of them sits and watches it go round, so it’s possible the noise does it for him too,” she says.

We can definitely see demand growing for ‘Danny Dyer’s Soothing Threats’.

Guaranteed, there will be an album out by this time next year.

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