Single And Lonely? The Holographic ‘Wife’ Is Just The Thing For You

Azuma Hikari is arguably the greatest catch ever – With a cute smile, she’ll wake you up, tell you what you need for the day ahead, text you messages of encouragement when you’re bored at work, and she can’t wait to see you when you get home. The only catch is that Azuma is a hologram.

Standing at a few inches tall and living inside a projector, Azuma will set you back Y298,000 (GBP2,030), and Japanese technology company Vinclu Inc. are already taking pre orders. If you’re after your own version of this little lady, you’d better be quick as only 300 units are available.

Azuma Hikari may be the perfect wife. The only catch? She’s a hologram. (Credit: GATEBOX)

The idea behind the product is “not because we are just pursuing entertainment or convenience,” says the company. “We want the characters [to] be naturally in our daily lives and [to] spend relaxing time with us”.

It is hoped that Azuma “grants the dream of closing the distance between you and characters”.

In a promotional video, the ‘woman’ – who is described as being 20 years of age, with a passion for doughnuts and a dislike of insects – gently wakes her ‘master’ up and tells him that “oh, it may rain today. Take your umbrella with you”. They exchange texts throughout the day and when he informs her that he’s heading home, she makes sure the lights and heating are on before he arrives.

Azuma will text her ‘master’ throughout the day, and will ensure light and heating is on for his arrival. (Credit: GATEBOX)

If her ‘master’ happens to be taking his time getting home, she is also programmed to send messages of impatience.

And to think that people would pay for a clingy partner.

However, not everyone has responded positively to Azuma Hikari, with many commenting that they found it “depressing” and a bad idea for a nation already experiencing a decline in birth rates.

Amusingly, one person also noted “What happens when you come home and she’s cheating on you with the toaster?”

Now there’s an image that we’re struggling to grasp.

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