Researchers Are Studying How To Stop ‘Death By Selfie’

It seems that danger-selfies have become so commonplace, that researchers are now looking into ways to crack down on the phenomenon.

In just over the first half of 2016, a total of 73 selfie-related deaths were confirmed – a huge rise when compared to 2015 which saw 39 deaths, and 2014 in which 15 deaths linked to taking selfies occurred.

People don’t seem to be getting the hint, so now the experts have had to step in.

Death by selfie is now so common that the experts have had to step in and find ways to crack down on it. (Credit: BoredBug)

PhD student Hemank Lamba has joined forces with a team at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and together they are working on developing an app that will warn people who are taking selfies, when they are likely to be in danger.

Hemank and his team judged the likelihood of danger by looking at all the instance when someone was killed whilst taking a selfie. To be honest, we don’t think the people taking these selfies are unaware of the dangers – they just don’t care enough to stop.

An app is being developed to warn people who are taking selfies when they are in a risky zone. (Credit: YouTube)

Of all of the selfie-related fatalities, 76 were in India, nine in Pakistan, eight in the USA and six in Russia.

And what was the most dangerous pose? Those taken from a great height – a tall building, or a cliff edge. Which is to be expected.

The cause of death also depended on the country. In Russia and America, deaths were more likely to be caused by people posing for photos with weapons. In India, where a majority of the deaths occurred, people have a tendency to pose by rail tracks as it signifies long-lasting relationships. Ironic, considering you’re not likely to last long if you’re posing for photos in such a dangerous location.

Evidence suggests that cause of death by selfie depends on the country. In India, it is more likely to be involved in a train-related accident. (Credit:

As well as a warning system, the app being developed will include information on locations where people have injured themselves whilst taking selfies. The information will be input be people manually, but Hemank is also working on an algorithm which will be able to zone in on photos posted on social media.

The app is a great idea, but maybe people could just try sticking to safer locations for their next selfie…?

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