Coca-Cola Invents Selfie Bottle That Uploads Snaps As You Sip

If you’re a fan of soda and selfies, then this is the product for you. Coca-Cola have invented a gadget which attaches to the base of a bottle of Coke, and when you tip it to drink, automatically snaps a photo of you which can then be uploaded to Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat.

The angle at which the photo is taken is not the most flattering, and we can imagine that a lot of the pictures taken will just result in blurry images of your chin or ears – but it’s a clever idea all the same.

Coca-Cola has invented a selfie bottle which snaps a photo of you as you drink. The gadget s activated when the bottle is tipped at a 70 degree angle. (Credit: Coca-Cola)

Don’t get too excited though, as the selfie bottle is not for sale. In fact, there are hardly any of them available.

A spokesperson for Coca-Cola says that the gadget is simply part of a promotion that ran over the summer months:

“It was a very small consumer promotion the team in Israel ran over the summer at a local event. Only a few were made and they were not for purchase. Don’t look for these at your local Wal-Mart any time soon,” she said.

The promotion was designed by Gefen Team – a team of creatives who have created a number of bizarre promotions for Coca-Cola, including 3D scanning customers to make miniature versions of themselves as a way of publicising new mini Coca-Cola bottles, and creating an app by which people can project their names onto Coca-Cola billboards around the country.

Gefen Team – the agency behind the Coke selfie bottles – are responsible for a number of other marketing campaigns for the brand, including one which allowed customers to created tiny 3D models of themselves, to celebrate new Coca-Cola mini bottles. (Credit: Gefen Team)

Other brands have jumped on the selfie-bandwagon in the past. In 2015, Nestle revealed their Cinnamon Toast Crunch ‘selfie spoon.’ The device was part spoon, part selfie stick and people were encouraged to attach their camera phones to the end of it and snap away as they ate. These were more readily available than the selfie bottles, and rapidly sold out.

No word on whether Coca-Cola will follow suit and mass-produce the selfie bottles, but we reckon there’s a large amount of people that would definitely be into it. Any excuse for a selfie, right?

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