Watch As This 5-Storey Building Topples Into The River After Torrential Rain

After 5 days of torrential rain in South-Western China, this building’s foundations gave way and caused it to completely topple into the Ziqu River, which feeds into the Yangtze.

The video has since gone viral, and the number of by-standers actually meant that the collapse was shot from a number of angles on their smart phones. The above video also shows a nearby heavy-duty truck being washed away as the river bank subsides.

Fortunately, the building had been evacuated prior to the incident, which took place in Jomda County, Tibet.

Rain had been persistent during the month of June, with China Central Television reporting that over 57.8 km (35.9 miles) of country road were washed away. Damage was also sustained to 24 bridges under the power of the flooding.

Rainfall, hail and mudslides have killed 56 people across the region so far, while 22 remained missing across 11 provinces and regions.


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