Peta Just Tricked People Into Drinking Dog Milk…

Peta, the animal protection charity, are known for courting controversy in their fight against animal cruelty.

In 2003, the group came under fire when one of their German advertising campaigns likened the battery chicken problem to the Jewish holocaust, while this year they became the subject of intense debate after their animal adoption campaign was supported by the line ‘Grab a Pussy!’, a homage to the Donald Trump campaign.


But their latest effort might be the hardest to stomach yet.

In a campaign that condemns the drinking of cow’s milk, Peta teamed up with London creative agency Don’t Panic for a viral stunt of stomach churning proportions.


Actors on the streets of London gave out an allegedly ‘new’ type of ‘alternative’ cow’s milk to passers-by for sampling. The milk was produced by a company called ‘Barker’s’, which might have given them a clue as to what was coming.

The members of the public were then asked to describe how it tasted and felt.

‘It tastes kind of sweet’ said one, while another complimented its ‘whiter than white’ hues.

‘This tastes smooth. It’s like a milkshake basically, but smooth’ said one focus group member.

And then the big reveal. Peta told the people that this new ‘alternative’ milk wasn’t cow’s milk at all — but dog’s milk.


Needless to say, the participants were suitably disgusted.


Some spat it out, others wretched and gagged, while others threw their cups down in anger.


In reality, the actors were just handing out soya milk in the video.

In justification of the campaign, Peta director Elisa Allen explained that ‘cow’s milk is no more natural for us than dogs’ milk.’

‘Humans are the only species on the planet that drinks another animal’s milk.’ she said. ‘When it comes to drinking milk past breastfeeding age, plant-based is best.’

Watch the full campaign video below:

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