The Number of Men Wanting To Share Their Wives Has Just Gone Through The Roof

The fetish of cuckolding — where men allow their wives or girlfriends to sleep with other men — is enjoying a curious time in the sun.

Online forums and apps dedicated to the fetish are booming, while Google searches on the subject reached an all time peak this week, and have doubled in the past 12 years.

Exactly why this is happening isn’t clear, but sexual psychologists have suggested that it’s a combination of repressed male bisexuality and a sort of pride in their wives’ modern sexual freedom.


On one of the platforms set up to discuss the taboo and arrange potential sexual encounters, one man explained how he’d been married for two years before he opened up to his wife about his fantasy of watching her and another man.

Another cuckold revealed how he awards his partner points based on any sexual act she performs on another man.

Meanwhile, one woman admitted that her husband sent her encouraging texts as she tried to seduce a man. ‘I called my husband that night shaking like a leaf,’ the woman writes. ‘Not only was he ecstatic, he wanted details, photos (none taken), and the whole story when he got home. When he got home, I told him everything and it aroused him so much, we had amazing sex.’

Now, she explains, she has both a husband and a boyfriend.

‘I cannot believe my husband lets me have as much sex as I want with my boyfriend,’ she writes. ‘I am a lucky girl.’

Unfaithful wife

Dr David J Ley, author of Insatiable Wives: Women Who Stray and the Men Who Love Them, believes that the popularity of this fetish may simply come from the fact that it’s so frowned upon by society.

‘It’s essential to grasp that what might be humiliating about imagining one’s wife having sex with another male is, in its idealized formulation, transformed into something not humiliating at all but engrossingly erotic’ he writes in Psychology Today.

‘When an otherwise well-controlled heterosexual male dares to visually create his wife’s violating her marital vows, and possibly his even encouraging her to do so, he’s playing a vital role in what we might call a ‘double transgression’ of society’s norms. Voluntarily fantasizing himself as a cuckold, yet fully in charge of his cuckoldry, his ‘forbidden fantasies’ may be particularly gratifying.’

One reason for the recent rise is believed to be a Reddit community where men post pictures of their wives and ask for other users to comment on their appearance.

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