Sir David Attenborough Is Now Getting Death Threats Over His Trump Joke

sir david attenborough death threats

Britain’s greatest national treasure has just found himself on the receiving end of dozens of death threats in what is quickly developing into an international saga.

The hate mail began to pour into the much-loved television presenter’s inbox after Sir David made a biting quip about the then-Presidential hopeful Donald Trump in a Radio Times interview.

Sir David Attenborough was asked during the interview what could be done to stop the billionaire reality TV star from reaching the White House.

Sir David Attenborough, who hosts BBC’s Planet Earth II nature show

‘We could shoot him,’ he joked, before adding ‘It’s not a bad idea,’ with a chuckle.

But since Mr Trump became President-Elect of the US, his followers have began tweeting the 90 year-old wildlife expert and threatening his own gruesome downfall.

Trump’s militant supporters sent Attenborough brutal threats, saying ‘how about we put 2 in the back your head’ and ‘Kill him!!!’.

Others contacted the FBI and US Secret Service directly, lobbying for them to look into the beloved broadcaster’s threatening joke, and accusing him of treason.

One of the violent tweets directed at Sir David
One of the violent tweets directed at Sir David

Police in the US have already arrested a college professor who wrote a scathing essay about Trump online.

Kevin Allred, from Rutgers University in New Jersey, claimed that police officers detained him after deciding his Twitter comments and campus lectures were dangerous. The professor explained he was forced to undergo a psychiatric examination before he could be released.

But Attenborough insisted that the comment was simply a bit of fun, and that he didn’t ever think anyone would take it so seriously. He’s clearly never spent much time on Twitter.

‘It was a jocular remark,’ the presenter of BBC’s Planet Earth II explained.

Both the FBI and BBC maintained a stony silence on the matter. Could this be the start of a transatlantic row between the two great national institutions?

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