Woman Sets Up Hidden Camera In Bedroom, Is Shocked To Discover What Flatmate Does With Her Toothbrush…

A woman and her boyfriend have been left speechless after discovering their housemates had been sneaking into their bedroom when they weren’t home and using their belongings – with one of them doing something rather disgusting with a toothbrush.

When arriving home after a length of time, Sarah, who lives in New Zealand with her boyfriend, had noticed a number of things in her room being shuffled around, and at one point discovered a long blonde hair in her knicker draw… which was definitely not her own.

Concerned, Sarah and her boyfriend chose to leave a shoe behind the door and keep a close eye on whether it had been moved while they weren’t in the house. According to Sarah, “Every day without fail, it was moved. We assumed they might have been using our en-suite.”

Worried that the housemates may have been up to more, Sarah decided to set up a hidden camera and the evidence shows that the guy and girl were definitely up to a lot more.

Footage shows the two sneaking into the couples bedroom. The woman helps herself to a number of Sarah’s beauty products, including make-up and creams, and then the man can be seen walking into the bathroom, grabbing a toothbrush and apparently rubbing it against his genitals.

A woman was shocked to discover what her housemate had been doing with her toothbrush when she wasn’t home. (Credit: Honey)

Upon being told my her boyfriend what the footage revealed, Sarah burst into tears, but after gathering herself, decided it was time to confront the intruding housemates.

First things first – the couple picked up two new toothbrushes – a good place to start – and then made their way home.

Sarah explains the awkward confrontation:

“I just asked nicely if there was anything he wanted to say to us. He said ‘no’… so I asked again… still nothing, then I pulled out our new toothbrushes and asked ‘why the f*** do we need these?’ He was bright red – like a tomato – then I just went off.”

After telling their housemate what they had discovered, and that the police would be informed, the man simply replied “I have a toothbrush obsession .”

Mate, have you considered a career as a dentist? It might be a better option.

Sarah and her boyfriend moved out of the property a day later.

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