Woman Creates Dolls So Lifelike, She’s Had To Convince Police They’re Not Real

A grandmother who paints incredibly realistic-looking baby dolls has had to convince the police that she’s not in fact a human trafficker attempting to sell real babies.

Kathy Cadle from Ohio was at home minding her own business when she heard a knock at the door and found that the police had come to investigate her motives.

The officer stated that there was a report of Kathy selling a baby. The artist was stunned, replying: “Are you kidding me?”. The police had also spent time questioning a number of her friends over the supposed baby trafficking.

Kathy Cadle creates amazing lifelike painted dolls. So lifelike in fact, that she has been questioned by police over her suspected attempts at human trafficking. (Credit: Bunny Bundles Reborns/Facebook)

Thankfully, Kathy had one of her creations on hand to show police that they weren’t real babies at all – just impressively detailed dolls. Sgt. Frank Goscewski was apparently satisfied with the evidence, and we’re guessing that they had a right ol’ laugh about it together, too.

If we were Kathy, we definitely would have taken the mistake as a compliment.

The dolls that Kathy paints are made from vinyl and the activity of creating such authentic-looking ‘babies’ is a tradition in her family, introduced to Kathy and her sister by their mother Dolores.

The dolls are made from vinyl and are painted with almost as much detail as that of a human child. The hobby is a tradition which runs in Kathy’s family. (Credit: Bunny Bundles Reborns/Facebook)

All the designs are sold at Bunny Bundles Reborns and have often had media coverage, as well as being used as therapy dolls for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Speaking of the attention her dolls get, Kathy said:

“She ends up on the front page of the paper, and I end up being investigated.”

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