Three-Year-Old Saves Dad’s Life By Feeding Him Yoghurt

A three-year-old boy has saved his dad’s life, thanks to some quick-thinking after he spotted him falling into a diabetic coma.

Little Lenny-George noticed his dad falling into the coma and hurriedly worked out a way to help him. After managing to drag a chair over to the fridge, he grabbed two Muller Crunch Corners. Too small to access the cutlery drawer, he found a plastic knife in his kitchen play-set and force-fed his father the yoghurt.

His dad, Mark, eventually became conscious again and was able to take some glucose tablets.

Lenny-George Jones
Thanks to some quick thinking, three-year-old Lenny was able to save his dad who was falling into a diabetic coma, by force-feeding him yoghurt. (Credit: MEN)

Lenny’s parents had never even spoken to him about what to do in case this scenario ever cropped up. His mum Emma, who had been out at the time, spoke of the incident and her pride at how Lenny dealt with the situation:

‘He saved his life,’ she said. ‘Mark is a Type 1 diabetic and has to take insulin four times a day. It was a Sunday night, I needed to nip to my mum’s – which is literally two minutes around the corner by car – and I left them watching CBeebies together. I’d been out for about 30 minutes and when I got back they were lying on the sofa. Mark didn’t look well, so I said, “What’s going on here?”

‘Lenny just turned to me and said “I saved daddy” – and Mark said it was true. He had.’

Lenny had never been told what to do if his dad fell into a diabetic coma, but the little boy was able to use his initiative to save him. (Credit: MEN)

Emma suspects that Lenny was able to know what to do after seeing her get yoghurts for Mark when he’s fallen ill in the past.

What a little hero.

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