Prison Inmates Recreate ‘Mannequin Challenge’ With Smuggled Phones

The ‘Mannequin Challenge’ – everyone is at it. In case you’re not sure what the viral tend is all about, it basically involves a bunch of people standing very still, as if frozen in time whilst carrying out any particular activity, and someone walking around, filming the ‘scene’.

Pretty much every person in the public eye have made a version, including a number of sports figures and singers such as Adele and Britney Spears, who celebrated winning Best Resident Performer in the Best of Las Vegas Awards by posting a video on her Instagram of her and her dancers doing the challenge to her single “Slumber Party”.

Everyone has been doing the ‘Mannequin Challenge,’ including Britney Spears and her dancers. (Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram)

Now, even prison inmates have filmed their own. A one-minute clip has been uploaded to YouTube under the title ‘Mannequin Challenge: Prison’ and shows inmates at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility (RJDCF) in Otay Mesa, California, managing to do their very own version of the challenge.

The video starts with one inmate sat thoughtfully on the toilet. It then goes on to show two other inmates posing topless in a hallway whilst somebody stands taking a photo of them. The camera spins around and enters another room where it appears a number of guys have been frozen in time ‘beating up’ another man… Nice to keep it themed, we guess.

Inmates in a prison in California have managed to obtain phones, allowing them to perform their own version of the ‘Mannequin Challenge’. The video starts with an inmate sat thoughtfully on the loo. (Credit: YouTube)

The video goes on to show a number of other inmates posing for the challenge, and ends with a man lying in bed.

Officials at the prison are investigating the video, including how inmates got hold of mobile phones which are obviously not allowed in prisons.

Not that we condone illegal activity, but considering the inmates would have had to make the video without any of the guards catching onto what was going on, we think they pulled it off pretty well.

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