Parents Celebrate Splitting Up By Throwing A Lavish Divorce Party

Divorce tends to be a tough time, and along with separation might come tears, arguments and serious fallouts. You certainly might not think that it would merit a party – these parents however, completely disagree.

This freshly-divorced couple ended on such good terms that they decided to throw a party. (Credit: @_emmabecerra/Twitter)

Emma Becerra’s parents ended their divorce on such good terms, that they decided to throw a wedding-style party for all of their family and friends.

Featuring cake, balloons, gifts for the guests and even a car with the words ‘Just Divorced’ painted on it, her parents couldn’t have seemed more at ease as they posed for photographs beside one another at the garden party.

Emma’s parents even supplied gifts for the guests – ensuring they would never forget the day. (Credit: @_emmabecerra/Twitter)
A cake and car with the words ‘just divorced’ painted on. (Credit: @_emmabecerra/Twitter)
There was even a signpost directing guests to the unique celebration. (Credit: @_emmabecerra/Twitter)

Emma took to Twitter to share the event, and the pictures have naturally gone viral, with over 53,000 retweets and nearly 164,000 ‘likes’.

Many people found the decision inspiring…

But others couldn’t quite get their heads around it…

Whatever your thoughts, there’s no denying that ending on civil terms rather than a huge bust up (as they tend to usually conclude) is heartwarming, and certainly makes it easier for their loved ones; and if a party can be thrown, then it’s only going to soften the blow, especially when there’s a cake as good-looking as the one that these guys had…

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