Mystery Customer Hands Out $100 Bills To McDonald’s Employees

It looks as though not everything in the world is as terrible as it seems, after all.

One person who decided to cheer up a bunch of strangers is a mystery customer who chose to hand out $100 bills to McDonald’s employees, out of the kindness of his own heart.

The man – who decided to remain anonymous – is a regular customer at the Texas branch and just wanted to make the gesture as an act of selflessness. He counted the money and handed it out equally to all 33 employees of the restaurant – even saving some for those who weren’t on duty that day.

A mystery man chose to hand out $100 bills to all of the employees at a Texas branch of McDonald’s. (Credit:

Lisa Davila – a Dallas resident who witnessed the event – spoke about how grateful the employees were:

“You could tell it blessed their day. They didn’t come in there [to work] thinking that was going to happen that day… and that was the best part about it.”

Davila says the man who handed out the money was her boss and that he was recently diagnosed with cancer. She also described what triggered the man to hand out the dollar bills:

“There was a young lady at McDonald’s, who’s a regular there and goes and has coffee, and she happened to be crying and it just broke his heart. So, he went over and he asked her what was going on and she was going through some tough times.”

According to Lisa, the man then felt inspired to spread some joy to others; he hopes that his kind gesture will influence others to do the same.

According to one woman who says that the man is her boss, he had recently been diagnosed with cancer and wanted to spread some joy. (Credit: The Balance)

It’s not the first time this year that someone has found a novel way of cheering up strangers. One man in London has been writing notes of encouragement for London commuters, to help them on their journey. The notes and billboards feature inspirational quotes such as ‘It’s OK not to own a house’ and ‘dogs make excellent therapists.’

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