Mum Buys Daughter ‘Crying’ Doll, Is Shocked To Discover X-Rated Sounds It Makes

33-year-old Gail Turley bought a Cry Baby doll as a Christmas gift for her young daughter, and was expecting the toy to make cute crying noises… instead, she was stunned to find that the doll sounds more like a porn star.

Gail, who lives in Wales, found the noises made by the Cry Baby doll so uncomfortable, that she debated with herself whether or not to give her daughter the toy, despite it being the only thing that her 2-year-old had asked for, for Christmas.

A mother bought her young daughter a Cry Baby Doll and found that the doll makes rather questionable noises. (Credit: Wales Online)

“She saw it on the telly and had been shouting ‘Cry Baby! Cry Baby!’ ever since… So I bought one on eBay and got it delivered. I put it on my shelf ready to wrap but I thought I’d give it a try to see if it needed batteries,” says Gail.

“I was shocked! I thought ‘Oh my God, I can’t give this to Kayla now’. To be honest, I don’t know what I’m going to do with it. I might have to take it back. I’m not sure I can give it to her now!”

The doll, who cries real tears and is supplied with tissues to mop them up, is extremely popular amongst children, and according to manufacturer Baby Wow, the toys make ‘realistic baby noises.’

Umm, we beg to disagree…

The Cry Baby doll is advertised as having the ability to cry ‘real’ tears. The manufacturers also claim that the doll makes ‘realistic baby noises.’ (Credit: Baby Wow)

Several parents have had to return the toy, due to similar issues with the doll’s rude-sounding cries, and a number of people have left comments of complaint on Amazon, with one user posting “It sounds like a porn star. My daughter likes her but my hubby and I are rather freaked out!”

Same here. Fingers crossed kids lose interest in this dodgy doll ASAP.

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