Man Obsessed With Christmas Celebrates The Occasion Every Single Day

Andy Park enjoys the festive season so much, that he has been celebrating it every day since 1993. His family have been concerned that his intense passion for Christmas is ruining his finances, health and love life, and so Andy has tried to give up his unusual obsession… but to no avail.

After trying to put his passion behind him by taking down all of his decorations, which he has around the house 365 days a year, and cutting back on the unhealthy dinners and mince pies he eats daily, the man found himself on the verge of a breakdown and relapsed, making his celebrations even bigger than before.

Andy Park has been celebrating Christmas everyday since 1993. (Credit: Rowan Griffiths/Daily Mirror)

On trying to quit his addiction, Andy said:

“As I took down my decorations, I was in tears. I was so frustrated and angry I smashed lots of my baubles as I put them away in their boxes. The house looked so drab and empty. I couldn’t take it. I tried to struggle through the days, but they were so boring. Every day at 3pm, I’d feel lost as that’s when I’d sit down to watch a recording of the Queen’s speech with a glass of sherry. Life felt meaningless. And I couldn’t bear to eat anything for dinner that wasn’t turkey and stuffing. Most days, I just had a sandwich. I was really depressed. I went to bed on January 5 and thought: ‘I can’t do this anymore’.”

Wow. Andy really loves Christmas.

Andy has tried to quit his obsession with festive season as his family feel it is ruining his life, but the Christmas-lover continues to celebrate the occasion. (Credit: Rowan Griffiths/Daily Mirror)

retaliating against those that tried to stop him celebrating his favourite time of the year, Andy went straight to the shops the next morning and splashed out £300 on decorations, to replace those he had destroyed in his fit of anger.

Andy says he found it amusing that he put his decorations up as his neighbours were taking theirs down and added: “Some people might say I’m a failure because I only managed to give up Christmas for 12 days. Others have suggested that I try therapy. But Christmas makes me really happy and I’m not hurting anyone. So why not?”

Each to their own, we say.

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