IKEA Has Renamed Its Products To Common Google Searches And They Are Brilliant

For their latest marketing campaign, IKEA have been scouring Google search terms for the most common ones related to relationship problems in Sweden, and cleverly renaming all of their products after them.

The campaign, called ‘Retail Therapy,’ has been released as a way of proving that IKEA have always been ‘inspired by how people live in the real world’ and admittedly, we can relate to a lot of these new names.

IKEA has changed the names of some of its products to common relationship-based Google search terms such as ‘My Partner Annoys Me’ and ‘Dating Three At Once’. (Credit: IKEA)

Now, whenever people search Google for help with their relationship issues, some of the results will show IKEA products designed to help them out.

So, if anyone is seeking help making a long distance relationship work, a link to IKEA’s brown moving box will show up. Wanting to get a dog but worried your family is allergic to animals? Ask Google for assistance and you’ll get a link to IKEA’s ‘My Dad is Allergic to Furry Animals’ plush cuddly pooch. Very clever.

For anyone wanting Google to resolve their dad’s dog allergy, IKEA is here to help. (Credit: IKEA)

Amongst other search terms that will link you to IKEA’s products are ‘My friend only talks about himself,’ which will result in a vanity set, and ‘How to say I’m not interested’ which will bring up an IKEA garlic press. Subtle.

For anyone Googling ways to tell someone you’re not interested in them, IKEA knows how to help you out. (Credit: IKEA)

Many Twitter users are calling IKEA’s new campaign a form of trolling, but in the best way possible.

‘IKEA trolls your Google searches in the best way,’ @Beckgibz tweeted.

In their promotional video, IKEA say “whether it’s a snoring husband, a never-ending gaming son or any other relationship problem you have, IKEA can come to the rescue… Or at least put a smile on your face while you keep Googling for an answer”

That, they certainly have done. Now if you don’t mind, we need to get back to finding out how to get him to keep that toilet seat down…

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