IKEA Is Getting Sick Of People Doing This Particular Thing In Their Stores

Hands up if when you were a kid, you fantasised about being locked into your favourite shops overnight and getting total free reign of the place? We certainly did.

Apparently, people have been making a habit of doing just that in IKEA stores around the world and employees are not too happy about it.

the company has confirmed that in 2016 alone, around ten “non-sponsored sleepovers” have occurred, by teenagers sneaking in and hiding in wardrobes until the shop closes.

IKEA has confirmed that several illegal sleepovers have occurred in their stores, with people hiding in wardrobes until staff have left. (Credit: IKEA)

Most recently, two 14-year-old girls who managed to stay overnight were eventually caught by staff in the morning. One thing is hiding for the night, but when the staff start appearing at opening time, you’d need some serious stealth moves to make your way out of that.

Regarding the craze, IKEA said:

“We appreciate that people are interested in IKEA and want to create fun experiences, however the safety and security of our co-workers and customers is our highest priority and that’s why we do not allow sleepovers in our stores.”

Two girls were recently caught out after spending the night in a branch of the store. IKEA is concerned about safety. (Credit: Daily Mail)

IKEA can’t quite see the fun in this activity and hope that the trend will fizzle out.

On being asked whether they would ever consider an official sleepover, their answer seemed promising…

“We have done previously and we’d be open to the idea if it was done in a controlled and organised way, however we have no plans to hold such an activity anytime soon,” Ikea said.

“At the moment we wouldn’t consider planning one but we will keep it in mind should an opportunity present itself in the future.”

We think that as well as being super fun for people, it would be a perfect way for IKEA to advertise their beds. Win-win.

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