Homeless Man Gives Tour Of His Luxury ‘Apartment’ Built In An Underpass

If there’s one thing in life that we all learn, it’s that when life gives you lemons, you had better make a damn good lemonade.

One man in particular really knows how to apply this philosophy.

Ceola Waddell Jr, 59, has lived in an LA underpass for several months, but the ridiculously cool dude has not let the less-than-luxurios scenery affect his comfort.

Although Waddell Jr lives directly next to a busy road, the man has managed to mock-up an ‘apartment’ featuring everything from a jacuzzi, to a smoking room.

Ceola Waddell Jr has built a ‘luxury’ home in an underpass – complete with a jacuzzi, smoking room, and more. (Credit: Facebook/Cynthia Mamba)

Captured on video, Waddell Jr gives a tour of his home, named ‘Paradise Lane’. In it, he starts with a view of the jacuzzi – which is made from a humble chest freezer. He goes on to show off his toilet and then a rack of glamorous women’s shoes, as “we have a lot of women, as you know.”

We’re then introduced to his brother Dave, who sits back on a zebra-print sofa, before Waddell Jr points out what is clearly his favourite ‘room’ – the ‘man cave.’

A view of Waddell Jr’s ‘Man Cave’. Credit: (Facebook/Cynthia Mumba)

The ‘apartment’ even features a ‘guest room’ and a ‘smoking room’, which Waddell Jr rents out to other homeless people for $25 per week.

On his ingeniously thought-out home, Waddell Jr had this to say:

“I decided I wanted to live like everybody else, make me something nice that I wanted to come home to. If I was in the Arctic I’d make me an igloo. I refuse to let the city beat me down to what they think a homeless person’s profile is, living on cardboard.”

Sadly, the man risks having his creation torn down, as officials claim it’s too dangerous; but, Waddell Jr has turned to other people for help. Fingers crossed that his incredible home stays up for a long time to come.

Who knows, we might even see it appear on Airbnb.

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