Girl Finds Out Someone Is Using Her Images For Catfishing, Decides To Help Her Out

Most of us would be pretty freaked out (if rather flattered) to find out that somebody had been using our photos to lure people online, but one girl who discovered an individual had been doing just that with her own images, wasn’t disturbed at all – in fact, she decided to help the catfisher out.

Shania was one day browsing through Facebook when a message popped up from a complete stranger. The message asked Shania if she had a second, and then went on to reveal a pretty disconcerting confession – that the girl had been using Shania’s photos to catfish an old man, as she needed expensive school textbooks and he had offered to buy them for her.

He just wanted one thing in return – a photograph of her with the Snapchat dog filter, holding up a paper with his name. Of course, as this girl wasn’t actually who she claimed to be, Shania was needed to help her out.

A girl received a message on Facebook from another girl claiming that she had been using her photos to Catfish a man, and needed her help to convince him of who she was… (Credit: Facebook/@Ainahss)

Rather than instantly blocking the mysterious person, Surprisingly, Shania was more than happy to oblige and took the requested photo for the girl to complete her dishonest mission.

As a thank you, the girl even promised to never use Shania’s photos again for her catfishing conquests. Well, that’s thoughtful. We guess.

Shania helped the person out, and as a thank you she promised never to use her photos again. (Credit: Facebook/@Ainahss)

Stunned by what had happened, Shania posted the exchange on Twitter, where it has received  thousands of retweets and likes.

It’s a sweet gesture on her part, despite the knowledge that somebody was using her photos for the purpose of swindling someone. However, there is also the possibility that Shania herself was being catfished… perhaps by someone called John who simply wanted a photo of the girl?


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