Ghosthunters Are Photobombed By ‘Phantom’ At Former Victorian Orphanage

Google ‘ghost photobombs’ and a ton of photoshopped images will pop-up, claiming to be there real thing. You can usually tell when one of these creepy images have been faked, but a group photo taken at a Victorian orphanage which features a spooky apparition, appears to be the real deal. Or at least that’s what many are saying.

Phil Barron, leader of Haunted Happenings – a company which specialises in ghost hunting events – gathered his team for a group photo at the old dining room of Newsham Park Hospital, ahead of an expedition they were about to take to the orphanage in Liverpool, Merseyside. The photo didn’t appear to feature anything odd – just the 32-strong team stood in front of some windows. It was only once the photo was uploaded to Facebook, that people noticed something odd about it – a woman they didn’t recognise smiling at the camera.

A photo of a group of ghost hunters was taken, and it was only upon later inspection that a mystery visitor was revealed. (Credit: Mercury Press)

Phil spoke of the experience:

“At the beginning of the night I got everyone together in the old dining room and took a picture, like I always do, which goes on the Haunted Happenings Facebook page for people to tag themselves in and comment on. I took the snap and then put my phone away and during the break three hours later I sent it over to the office to be uploaded and thought nothing more of it. It was only the following day when I was woken by a flurry of instant messages and saw the number of comments on the post I had a proper look at the photo.”

The unknown entity appears to be of a pale woman with dark hair, and her look is inconsistent with the rest of the photo. No one seems to have mentioned it, but we also noticed what appears to be another face slightly lower down – peeking out from behind a woman.

A face appears which is inconsistent with the rest of the photo… and is that one lower down, too? (Credit: Mercury Press)

Phil says the photo has received no photoshop work – just some lighting for clarity.

Although he admits that he has never seen a full apparition, he is just as stumped as everyone else as to what this could be, but he’s not jumping to any conclusions:

“I’m not prepared to say it is paranormal or not at this stage – we just don’t know. We’ve stripped it down to prove it’s not been edited. We’ve emailed everyone who attended that night but no-one’s come forward to say it’s them.”

The mystery remains…

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