Corona Beer Founder Leaves Money In His Will To Hometown Village, Making Every Resident An Instant Millionaire

How much would you like to be a resident of the Spanish village of Cerezales del Condado right now?

The billionaire founder of Corona beer, Antonino Fernández, who was born in Spain but moved to Mexico and served as the CEO of Grupo Modelo from 1971 through to 1997, has passed away and left a total of £169 million to all the residents of his hometown village – meaning each resident will inherit around £2 million each. Not too shabby.

The founder of Corona beer, Antonino Fernández, has left £169 million in his will to his hometown village, making everyone living there a millionaire overnight. (Credit:

Maximino Sanchez, the owner of the only bar in the village, which is of course stocked to the brim with Mexican beers, told the Diario de León newspaper:

‘We never had any pesete (money) before. I don’t know what we would have done without Antonino.’

Although Antonino moved to Mexico in 1949 to start work for the Grupo Modelo brewery, who produce Corona, he has never forgotten about where he came from and at one point was honoured by Juan Carlos, the former king of Spain, for his generosity as well as his work with disabled children. An organisation was set up by Fernandez to assist disabled people in finding employment, and he also started up a foundation to support rural initiatives in the area.

Antonino moved to Mexico in 1949 and served there as CEO of Grupo Modelo for a number of years, but he always made sure never to forget about his beloved birthplace. (Credit: Daily Mail)

Clearly a generous man and one who cared about the village he grew up in, it wasn’t until after Fernandez’s death that it became apparent quite how fond of his birthplace he really was. Apart from the gift of £2 million per resident, the village will also get to enjoy a brand new cultural centre and a local non-profit foundation from which 300 employees will benefit too.

If only all billionaires were this kind. Mentioning no names…

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