Commuter Being Squashed Into Packed Train In Japan Is the Coolest-Looking Guy You’ll See Today

Footage capturing a commuter in Japan being pushed into a packed train by three struggling guards during rush hour has gone viral, as this may be the most relaxed-looking person in the process of being majorly squashed, ever.

The business man, who is carrying a briefcase, casually stands outside of the carriage whilst holding on to the railing inside, but doesn’t seem at all fazed by the impossible logistics of his arrangement.

The doors begin to shut, but is the man bothered? Nope. He doesn’t even flinch an inch. A panicked guard runs over and tries to push the man into the carriage – all the while, the man’s expression is entirely dead-pan.

Cool as a cucumber: The commuter stands with most of his body outside of the carriage door, but seems unbothered as he waits for the guards to push him in. (Credit: Mirror)

Realising it’ll take more than one man for the job, two other guards step in to complete the task of packing the giant tin of sardines.

Eventually, they manage – pushing his briefcase into the tiiiiiiniest of gaps, and the train takes off.

It takes a total of three guards to get the man into the train carriage. His briefcase is also squeezed into a minute gap. (Credit: Mirror)

Scenes like this one are common in Tokyo, especially the JR Chuo Line, which should be avoided when possible.

During rush hour in Japan, it is often so busy that commuters are physically unable to manoeuvre themselves at all. Still, a great opportunity for a stand-up nap.

So next time you’re riding the Central Line without a seat, just think that it could be way, way worse…

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