These Brilliant Photos Capture The Reality Of Visiting Santa

Santa Claus – the jolly dude with the big beard who brings you a ton of gifts each year. Kids love him, right? Hmm maybe in theory, but faced with him in reality, the reactions can be far from positive.

As with a lot of things in life, a visit to Santa can often not quite live up to the hype.

These photos taken of kids with Father Christmas, prove that coming face to face with your heroes isn’t always a good idea…

This little girl reaches out, begging to be saved from the clutches of Santa

Credit: Mirror

This kid sure looks festive, but isn’t too sure about Santa’s presence. Perhaps he’s suffering from a touch of halitosis…?

Credit: Mirror

Four kids in one sitting is quite ambitious. This meeting has gone well, considering

Credit: Mirror

This girl makes her feelings on Santa very clear, whilst her sister gives her a cheeky glance

Credit: Mirror

Is this kid upset about meeting Santa, or possessed by the spirit of Satan?

Credit: Mirror

Santa accepts the situation as two little girls do their best to escape his clutches

Credit: Mirror

This Santa manages to keep his cool, considering those screams must be pretty deafening

Credit: Mirror

This Santa reacts more appropriately to the screams of these two despairing children

Credit: Mirror

Meeting Santa is great for some kids, not so great for others, as this photo proves

Credit: Mirror

Poor Santa, he’s only doing his best to please the children. Although, considering that parents spend most of their time telling their sons and daughters to avoid strangers, we can imagine these mixed messages must be very confusing…

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