Boyfriend Desperately Tries To Get In Girlfriend’s Good Books, Fails Epically

If you’ve promised your girlfriend a cuddly night in, it’s probably not a good idea to then choose to go out on the lash with the boys instead. That’s never going to work out well for you.

One 18-year-old, Kieron Cameron, did just this… but realised the error of his way when it was much too late.

Feeling the guilt creep up on him, Kieron tried to FaceTime his girlfriend Jodie to apologise, but receiving no response, he texted her… then Tweeted her, Instagrammed her, Facebooked her, and sent her a WhatsApp. Each message the same – simply “R u angry at me”.

Kieron Cameron’s desperate (and very drunk) attempt to get in contact with his girlfriend. (Credit: @_jodieduncan/Twitter)

Jeez Kieron, you could have at least made the effort to write in complete words to show your girlfriend how much you care.

Hearing nothing back from Jodie, he attempted one last way of making her happy again – by spending £10 on a MAC makeup gift card… with the same classic “R u angry at me” message.

Kieron apologises with a £10 MAC gift card, along with a small note reading “r u angry at me”. (Credit: @_jodieduncan/Twitter)

Apparently that did the job and Jodie Tweeted screenshots of her boyfriend’s drunken carbon-copy apologies, where the post has received around 46 thousand retweets. People have been replying to the post too – mainly to point out how stingy Kieron was with his gift card.

Aww he’s only 18, give the lad a break.

Still, hopefully he’s learnt his lesson now. You never choose the guys over hanging with your girl.

The last we heard, Kieron was recovering from his ‘mistake’ of a night…

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