4-Year-Old Boy Drives His Toy Car Two Miles Down The Street To Get A McDonald’s

Police in Taiwan found a boy driving his toy motorised car down a busy road, who was apparently on his way to buy a McDonald’s.

The four-year-old was so eager for a Maccy D’s that he jumped in his toy BMW, and decided to make his way to the fast food restaurant by himself. However, the boy unfortunately didn’t manage to reach the joint as he was pulled up by local police who were informed about what was going on by a member of the public.

Jeez, can’t a kid just get himself a meal round here?!

A 4-year-old boy got in his toy car and made his way to this branch of McDonald’s after he fancied some of his favourite food. However, the police managed to intervene before he got there. (Credit: Google)

Local cafe owners Mr and Mrs Choi said a motorist stopped the boy and asked them to help get hold of the police and track down the child’s parents. Mrs Choi said: ‘He is quite a good kid and wasn’t shy at all. But he appeared to be a bit scared and refused to go with the police when they arrived.’

There are concerns that the parents may have violated child welfare laws and this is being looked into, as the boy was behaving strangely in the police station and refused to give his parents names and address.

There are concerns over the boy who was behaving oddly when picked up by police. (Credit: Police officers from North district, Tainan city, Taiwan)

His mother, who panicked upon noticing he’d disappeared and was about to contact police herself to report him as missing, said: ‘He is too smart,’ and told police that he had taken money from the piggy bank and got in the toy car whilst they were fast asleep.

We hope he got all the McDonald’s he wanted after this adventure – the kid’s a legend.

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