Awkward: Girl Shares Creepy Texts On Twitter From Guy Who Finds Out He’s Gone Viral

A student from Texas has shared an uncomfortable text conversation between herself and a classmate, on Twitter. Awkwardly, the Tweet has gone massively viral and made its way back to him…

18-year-old Savannah Gibson sent an innocent text to a guy from her class who she had exchanged numbers with, solely to discuss school work. However, when she texted him asking for a document, he seemed to have other, less wholesome things on the mind.

In the texts shared on social media, the conversation can be seen starting with Savannah asking for a pdf. The guy then responds saying he’s drinking and goes on to ask Savannah’s age, replying “Got me feelin like a pervert here god damn” when she tells him she is only 18.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Savannah said that she “barely knew” the guy and that the only reason she had given him her number was for them to assist each other in their schoolwork. She said:

“At first I thought he was kidding and I laughed, then when I realized he was serious I was super confused and thought it was Twitter-worthy,” she said. I guess we were on different pages.”

After sharing the conversation, to her Twitter page, it quickly went viral and has so far gained almost 86,000 retweets. Naturally, the Tweet eventually made its way back to the guy in question who was left feeling rather red-faced, despite his name being censored.

Despite his name being censored, Savannah’s classmate was not happy about his texts being shared on social media. (Credit: Twitter/@sav_gibson)

“He gave me some pretty nasty glares in class but other than that hasn’t spoken to me since,” Savannah added.

Let that be a lesson to anyone else assuming a number-swap means a date.

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